Is Is 500w spsu enough for gtx 960 2/4 gb or r9 380 4gb (brand gigabyte msi galax power color) help building pc.

Spec i7 4790 non k
mobo gigabte h97 gaming 3
kingston hyperx 8 gb
ssd 120 hyperx savage don't ask me why i get this. It for window and work.
hdd 1tb wd green
psu Itsonas rock full 500 w
case tsunami dark reign z1
money around 200$.
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  1. Maybe a 960 but probably not a 380. I have never heard of that brand psu, but I have to assume it's a below average unit.
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    I'd recommend a 600W or a 550W PSU. A lot of people do not prepare themselves for the psu voltages whenever upgrading.
  3. Get a better PSU too. The GTX 960 will be a good upgrade.
  4. Alan Caldwell said:
    Get a better PSU too. The GTX 960 will be a good upgrade.

    Yeah, I'm think so. But the question is what brand of power supply do I chose. Most people said Seasonic s12II 620 watt is good one. In my country is on sale for only 40 US dollars. But the Corsair they not recommended VS version but the CX version is too expensive for me. Gigabyte gtx 960 2Gb/4Gb would be the most perfect for me.
  5. Both VS and CX are junk. The Seasonic S12II-620 is good.
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