help stop windows 10 update, much help needed

I may have accidentally clicked on the windows 10 upgrade that has been there for like 2 or 3 years now and I DONT WANT IT. I can't make it go away and there is no option to cancel, only reschedule or upgrade now WHICH I DONT WANT EITHER! I can't end process and I want to keep windows 7 HELP
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    Try a software called 'GWX Control Panel'.
  2. Emerald said:
    Try a software called 'GWX Control Panel'.

    Basically all I did was open control panel and systems and security > view updates then just searched for the update and uninstalled it, windows 10 hasn't popped up since
  3. that's what the control panel does for you but in a one click easy to understand way :)

    amounts to the same thing but the control panel will also delete the win 10 files and block any new attempts at updating. handy little utility it is
  4. First of all Win 10 has only been out for less then a year, not 2-3

    Copy this to a notepad document and save it as DissableAutoUpdate.reg
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




    If you are not on the computer in question then save the file to a flash disk or other media.

    Now reschedule the upgrade to tomorrow.
    Then move thie .reg file you created to the desktop and run it

    Unfortunately MS has switched from a nag-screen to auto-schedule.
    Win 10 is a good OS, but you have to disable all the advertisement crap (which is why MS is giving it away for free and pushing it on everyone).
  5. There is a few different softwares that block win 10 , ones called Never 10
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