Weird Message when booting up

I get this message when booting up:


I have a gigabyte 990Fxa-UD3 and two 3TB Hdd in raid 1 and disk management says that the second HDD is empty. I tried pressing control and the F-key, but nothing happens. Also the DISK 03 is 2TB HDD that my Uncle, who does networking, just gave to me, it's empty because my other drives are big
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    Hey there.

    There's clearly something wrong with the RAID array and the message states that one of your drives is having issues (the 2nd one most probably). You could put another drive if you have available in order to try and rebuild the RAID array. You could also try connecting this one to a different SATA port with different cables, to see if that's the issue. Other than that you could try the working HDD with a different computer, to see if it's properly recognized in order to backup your important information.

    Once you have everything backed up, you could use a different computer to test the drive's with their manufacturer's diagnostic tool, to see what's the situation with both of them (if you don't have a drive with which to boot to Windows on your current PC).

    Please let me know how everything goes.
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