Need help picking components for a new 1000-1500$ gaming PC!

Hi everyone,

I am a (semi)professional FPS player that has recently switched to widescreen after playing on 4:3 for ages, since new games (primarily Overwatch), are not really suited for 4:3 anymore imo. I am keen on keeping a high framerate and since I started playing on widescreen, my current PC does not give me my desired results anymore. I am not looking for a build that will allow me to maintain 60 frames on ultra settings, I need something that will give me about 200 frames on low (not sure if that would even require a different build.)

I am absolutely not updated on new hardware that has come out past couple of years so I am in need of your help for picking the most efficient components for me.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. You should wait 2 weeks for the new, high-end graphics cards from Nvidia - the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070.
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    Well, if you would like some inspiration, here is my build:

    Everything together is less than $1500, though i would say that the 1070 has a heavy price on it and if you can, you should wait a bit, unless you're like me and have to get it soon.

    You might also consider going down to a gtx 980 if you want to save some money or put the extra money in other parts.

    Both of these cards with this build fit well and will play overwatch and battlefield at 100fps.
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