What temps should I be expecting? i5 4670k w/ Corsair H100i GTX Cooler

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there was anyone on here that has the same setup as me or could inform me on what kind of temps I should be expecting to see with a i5 4670k being cooled by a H100i GTX cooler? Currently running a stock clock on the CPU as I haven't reapplied an OC on the chip since changing my main board. I'm running the cooler with stock fans as the static pressure is pretty good out of the box. Using it in a push setup. Pushing the air out the top of my case.

Also on a side note has anyone had any experience OC'ing on a ASUS Z97-k Mainboard? Is it easy enough to do??

See full build here:

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  1. I would guess that 60-70c would be normal under an AVX load, at stock clocks. Keep it under 90c and below 1.3v when overclocked and you'll be fine.
  2. I have the i5-4690 (non-k) running on air. A ThermalTake NiC F4. It idles at around 35-40c, and load temp is around 75c.
    It's worth noting that I have 2 MSI GTX 970's instead of one like you. I would imagine you'd get 28-30 idle and no more than 47-49 full load under stock clocks. OC to 4GHz and you might stay at a cool 55-60 full load. All speculation from me though. I have no experience with that exact chip
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    I'm running a similar build to yours. I have the I5-6600K, liquid cooled with a Swiftech AIO, pushing out the top of my case too. At idle, I see temps down as low as the teens, with temps under load coming up to about 65C.

    The UEFI in your motherboard is almost exactly the same as mine and I love it. It's super simple to use and easy to find all your settings. I had never overclocked prior to this build, and I had it figured out in about 5 minutes. The ASUS utilities are quite useful and make it pretty painless to set up your system as you wish.
  4. The 6600K runs much cooler than Haswell. Don't expect temps that low.
  5. That board's software makes oc'ing a breeze. That chip pulls some watts, though if you're considering that cooler you already know that. Under load I'd expect 70-75C with your pump and fan rolling along, idle likely around 45- 50C. I've been doing this long enough though that even "the smoke test" doesn't always tell you where the heat traps are in your case...sometimes luck counts!
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