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Hello, recently my computer has been having some serious issues with overheating. It use to idle at around 30 degrees celsius which is normal, but then some games which were demanding, but nothing it shouldn't be able to handle, would rapidly send the CPU temp over 80 and the safety net would crash the computer. More recently it began idling at around 40-50 degrees celsius and as soon as any action is taken (for example opening google chrome) it would skyrocket. I figured it was an issue with the thermal paste, and after taking it apart a bit I realized it was definitely time to replace it. I thoroughly cleaned it and applied the Arctic Silver 5, and carefully reinstalled my cooler (Corsair H90). However, the idling temperature is now even higher and it crashes several minutes after boot up. The fans now make a weird ticking sound on start up although literally everything was put back exactly how it was. I could really use some help identifying this problem. If any further information is needed let me know.
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  1. What CPU/Motherboard, and tell us about case, PSU, and GPU too?
  2. DonkeyOatie said:
    What CPU/Motherboard, and tell us about case, PSU, and GPU too?

    Motherboard: ASUS M5A97
    PSU: Eco-Element 750W
    CPU: AMD FX-4100 Quad Core Processor
    GPU: Radeon HD 6790 (GPU temperatures are totally normal I assume this is fine)
    The Case is relatively open with good breathability on the top, sides and back, the heatsink and other fan areas have been vacuumed recently.
    Also it should be noted that my temperature reader seems to be very jumpy, at least for the core temperature. It goes back and forth from 16 to 23 to 40 while idling. Currently CPU temperatures are idling at 37-39 celsius, still higher than usual but better than 50.
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    How are you measuring temperatures? AMD's Overdrive and the Thermal Margin measurement is about the only reliable method.

    You have a liquid cooler and there are a few 'common' possible issues.

    1. Waterblock is making bad contact with the CPU (not tight or level). Temperature rises very quickly when system started, may not even boot. (Faster than it seems for you, but there are various amounts of bad contact)

    2. Pump is not operating properly. There will be a significant difference in temperature between the output from the waterblock and the input to the radiator. The worse your pump is working, the greater the difference.

    3. Radiator not working properly. (clogged inside or fan failure ) The pipe out of the radiator and back to the waterblock will be warm. The warmer, the worse the radiator is performing.

    Your problems suggest that the thermal energy is not being removed properly by your cooler, and the parts you have should work well.
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