Help Me Build The cheapest pc that can run lol on maxed setting.

Hi my name is Paul.

ok so i would like some builds on A computer that can run LOL at maxed settings

and can you guys also suggest a good wifi adapter for the pc ty
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  1. you can build a computer for under $400 that will have no issues with LOL. are there any other games that are harder on a computer that you play? because just for lol you can don't need much.

    FYI my amd 8350 with r290x runs LOL at max settings 350 fps. of course that's useless when you have a 85hz monitor and a 60ms ping.
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    Not just for LOL. You can max LOL with a $350 PC but this one is really good for the long run. You do not need a Wifi adapter for this one.

    Logical Increments made a great chart for how well certain PCs perform running LoL. Luckily LoL is not an extremely demanding game in that you can run it very smoothly without breaking the bank. Take a look at the different "tiers" of PCs that Logical Increments laid out.
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