Need help choosing graphics card

Here is my PSU specs, can I use a gtx 750ti with no 6 pin connector?

input 100-240v /6A.50-60HZ
output +12Va *** 12A
Max power 300w
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  1. you should be ok.
    Nvidia's site for the 750ti calls for a 300W as a minimum required PSU
  2. forgot to say I have only these pci slots too, is that a problem
    PCI Express x1 slots: 3
    PCI Express x16 slots: 1
    MiniPCI slots: 1
  3. What is the brand and model of that PSU?
  4. model dps-300ab-61 and HP
  5. bump
  6. Best answer
    Dale Williams said:
    model dps-300ab-61 and HP

    a lot of HP computers only allow single slot low profile cards

    make sure when choosing a gtx 750 ti it will actually physically fit in your case
  7. Yeah I have an amd 6450 at the moment and it bigger than it and its sitting fine, so i should be good
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