Recommendations on upgrading to a graphics card? (GTX 750ti)

Here are the specs of my PC:

Hi, I am looking to buy a graphics card and possibly upgrade my psu within a budget of $240.
I currently have an intel graphics card integrated so im just looking to upgrade from that so I can play games such as gta5, dota, csgo, tf2 in 1080p in med-high settings.

I am currently eying this combination:

The total comes to $243 for those with tax.

However, I was also looking at this card:
and was wondering if it was possible to use this card on my current 300W system without upgrading my psu as it says it doesn't need a pCI power connection?

Just this graphics card alone comes to around $243 without buying the psu.

Which is better option? Also, if there are other recommendations for a psu + graphics card combo compatible with my system, please recommend. If there are any lower priced good psu's that are compatible with my motherboard, please recommend those as well :)

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    The 950 with no extra power may not run in your system since it's an OEM and some of them limit how much power goes to the PICe x16 slot and how good the power supply will handle the load.

    The 750 Ti is sufficient for GTA V at medium settings at smooth frames, CS GO will run maxed out easily. It also depends on the CPU. If you have an i3, 750 Ti is good, if you have an i5, your may be able to use the 950 and have some room for future or more demanding games.
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