Would i run into any issues such as bottle necking if i upgrade my Dell xps 8500 to either a GTX 970, or a Radeon r9 390?

I intend on upgrading my GPU to either a gtx 970 or a radeon r9 390, and probably my power supply to a 750w while i'm at it. However, i was wondering if any bottle necking would occur since i have a slightly older CPU, being an Intel Core i5 3350P 3.1 GHz.

here are some of my specs
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    The 3350p is still a viable processor it should not bottleneck those cards at all. Definitely get a new PSU though to run either one, however a good quality 550w unit is more than enough such as the EVGA 550G2 or GS or Seasonic G-Series 550.
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