Please suggest if I needed a side fan

Hello Friends.

I had setup a PC with the below configuration.

AMD A10-7850K APU.
Gigabyte A88XM-D3H mobo.
8GB Kingston hyper fury 1866Mhz RAM.
Note: NO graphics card.

I have two fans in my cabin. One at the front and other at the rear. And two more default fans which are in the PSU and the CPU.

I started playing games such as max Payne 3, Wolfeinstein the new order. Still I have a handful of games to play like Fallout 4, Far cry, Dead trigger 2 , etc.
These are somewhat graphics intense games but the games max Payne 3 and Wolfeinstein the new order are playing very well without any glitch.

Please let me know if these fans are OK or do I need to install a side fan for more Cooling.
I read that the intake fans should not be more else the air will stay inside due to less air outake.
Please suggest. Thanks.
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  1. Hi,

    That is well enough is you don't have a GPU.
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