Intel Turbo Boost Makes CPU Too Hot - how to set max temp

Hi there,

I recently picked up an i5-6600k and notice that the turbo boost kicks the CPU up to about 4.3GHz but brings the temps up higher than I'd like.

Is there a way to set the max temp that the turbo boost goes to? I like the turbo boost enabled but i'd just rather control the max temp so it doesn't put much strain on my cpu.

If I have to, I'll just disable the turbo boost.

Thanks in advance!

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
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  1. What are your temps? Max turbo is 3.9ghz. Your mobo auto oced you to 4.3ghz if that is in fact the speed you are getting. Check with cpuz not task manager. That would also explain higher temps since auto oc tends to give more voltage than needed. It is common on asus mobos to auto oc.
  2. My Temps are in the mid-60's as seen on Core Temp v26.6, HW Monitor and CPU-Z. I see that the Skylake chips are good for higher temps as compared to my older CPU's but still would rather stay in around 50. I haven't checked through the BIOS but looking to see if there is a way to sett a temperature maximum as I assume there is one already in there otherwise it would just OC until 100 degrees and shut down. (It is also ASUS Z170-A)
  3. Turn off the auto oc and see what temps you get. It's not going to oc higher. Plus you'd run into the multi wall before hitting 100c.
  4. Yea..I'm just playing around with the settings now. I think it's great having the dynamic OC or Turbo Boost but I'd like to have control over what the computer decides is too hot for my CPU. And I haven't been able to find any setting to allow me to control how much the Turbo Boost does..only on or off.
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    There is no turbo adjustment exactly. Ocing is changing settings. There is no max temp adjustment either.
  6. I actually found that there is a tool ASUS has called AI Suite 3 and that can be used to set your temperature thresholds and other settings too - looks like a tremendous tool!

    That was what I was looking for.
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