Best 'bang for your buck' X99 CPU?


As the title suggests whats the best CPU for the X99 chipset mobo that offers the best performance for your money?
The PC would be primarily used for editing graphics & videos, however I will do the occasionally gaming, ie Battlefield 1 when it's released later this year.

Thanks for your help,
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    I think I'd go the 6800K as far as bang for the buck, should handle anything you throw at it ;)
  2. Well, you only have a few to choose from.

    5820K - 6 cores, 28 PCIe lanes, $390
    5930K - 6 cores, 40 PCIe lanes, $580
    5960X - 8 cores, 40 PCIe lanes, $1000

    6800K - 6 cores, 28 PCIe lanes, $435
    6850K - 6 cores, 40 PCIe lanes, $620
    6900K - 8 cores, 40 PCIe lanes, $1090
    6950X - 10 cores, 40 PCIe lanes, $1725

    Early samples are showing that Broadwell chips have a small (maybe 5%) IPC advantage over Haswell, but don't overclock as well, so max OC vs max OC is a wash. Broadwell has slightly lower power usage at equal clocks, and so comes clocked slightly higher at stock within the same TDP.
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