Newly built pc freezes for a short time gaming.

I just built a new gaming cpu and only during gaming does this happen. It freezes for maybe 2-5 seconds never longer then that then goes back to playing flawless. On games like overwatch and WoW. It only happens in the midst of action and not to frequently but it does. Running at 25c for the most part so its not the temps.

i5 6600k skylake
Gtx 970 geforce
32 gb ram @2400
Gigabyte z170xp-sli mobo
Evo 212 cooler

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  1. Downloaded all the graphics drivers and all the mobo drivers i could find for the most part. Also windows 7 is operating system.
  2. 750 psu unit bronze certified
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    It might be your internet connection. Have you tried in offline games?
    Use this to test your connection:
  4. Strangely I've been having similar issues with Overwatch and WoW. Other games seem to be working alright. For me it seems like whenever it has to load something it freezes to do it rather than a small delay. Did the problem sort itself out in the end?
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