Problems with re-installing Windows 7.. "No drivers were found."

Hi, I recently got hit with the "reboot and select proper device" issue, and I finally got my hands on a Windows 7 installation disk. The problem is, when I try to re-install, I go to Custom (advanced) installation and it tells me that "No drives were found. Click load driver to provide a mass storage driver for installation" and I can't do anything. What do I have to do to fix this?
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    You should be installing 10. You can do that with your 7 key.
    Regardless, get the latest drivers from here:
    File: Unzip it to a folder on a USB drive and hit "have disk" when that error appears and point it to where you have those files. After it does it's thing hit refresh.
    This is assuming you are using a disk. If you are installing from USB there may be another cause.
  2. You get the message because the Windows installation can't see any drives.
    This could be driver support if the drives are connected to a RAID controller.
    More likely though is that your hard drive has simply failed or is not connected.
    This would also explain the "reboot and select proper device" in the first place.

    Before the machine tries to boot the OS, you should see a list of detected drives.
    If the drive you want to boot from isn't there, check that power and data connections to the drive are ok.
    If that's not the issue, you may need a new hard drive.
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