Please suggest a good psu under bugdet!!!!!!!

My PC specifications are:
500gb wd internal hdd
8gb hyper fury x ram 1866mhz
amd fx-4100 3.6mhz processor
1tb external wd hdd
sapphire r7 370 dual x 2gb graphic card

Please suggest me a good psu under budget, i was looking and found
Antec VP500PC 500w psu
Thermaltake TR2 S 500w psu
will it be ok with the specifications mentioned above

and also please tell which is better gpu
R7 260X OC
R7 370
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  1. Antec VP500PC 500w psu
  2. The R7 370 is a little bit faster then the R7 260X.
  3. WildCard999 said:
    The R7 370 is a little bit faster then the R7 260X.

    will it be right paying more price for R7 370 than 260x
  4. How much more? It's not much faster.
  5. WildCard999 said:
    How much more? It's not much faster.

    It's about Rs. 1500 costly than 260x
    R7 260x is available for Rs.10200 in local market and not available online
    R7 370 is available for Rs.12599 on ebay and i have a discount code after applying its difference comes to Rs.1500 will it be right in paying Rs. 1500 more for 370
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    It's quite a price difference but IMO I think its worth the extra 1500 considering it uses less power, slightly faster and does support DX12.
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