First time build, don't know if it will work, advice please?

I'm going to be building my first gaming pc so could someone tell me if this would work and/or any improvements I could make please?
Msi gtx 960 gaming 4gb
i5 6600k
Msi Z170A M3 Gaming
16gb hyperx fury ddr4 2400mhz
NZXT S340 Red + Black
Hyper 212 evo
Any replies are appreciated,
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    Don't see a power supply listed. Make sure to get yourself a quality unit, tier 1 or 2.

    AMD RX 480 will be out, by the end of the month. AMD is claiming R9 390 performance, for $200. Right now is simply a bad time to buy a GPU. The Cryorig H7 is a better cooler, for only $5 more. What kind of budget do you have? You may be able to get a much better graphics card, if you drop the overclocking.
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