Asus gtx 770 DCU2 vs Sapphire Vapor-X R9 280X Tri-X

Hi so I would like to upgrade my gpu and found a great deal for these 2 card.

Both are similar in price and I would like to know the better choice.

I mainly play CSGO and other fps games which I would like to top 60 fps consistently. I dont mind getting a good 30 fps for other game .

Thank you and sorry for my bad English (not a native speaker)

My current pc spec if it help -

CPU : I5 2500K
GPU : GTX 650 2gddr5
RAM : 8 gb
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  1. the 770 is a little less power hungry and better at SOME games. really there's so little difference I'd base it on how hard the two cards were used.
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    The gtx 770 would do a little better at 1080p max settings in csgo. It's close, both cards will stay over 200 frames at max settings.
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