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I'm from India and have a few questions regarding my internet speed that have been confusing the heck out of me for the past month or so. This will be a bit detailed and long but I hope I can give you maximum information to try and help me out. All help is appreciated in advance

I used to have an 8 MBps connection which ran fine through broadband cable that gave me wired internet on my desktop with t he D-Link DIR-615 router and wi-fi for devices like my phone and laptop in a smallish 2 bedroom house. My wife and I now have a few more devices including a Smart TV and a PS4 + 8 mbps wasn't cutting it out so we decided to go in for a 25 MPbs connection. Same cable, same router.

The 8 mpbs connection would give me close to 1 mbps download speeds as it should and wifi was alright nothing great but I had no reason to complain. With the upgrade to 25 mpbs I thought everything would be lightning. Close to 3 mbps download speeds, video streaming, online gaming etc would be no issues at all

These are the issues I am facing:

1. Video streaming is as good if not worse than 8 mpbs. HD streams lag and buffer and it CANNOT be 25 mpbs behind them. Frustrating as hell

2. Wi-fi is poor. Signal shows full strength but gifs, pics, videos etc take so much longer to play than a 25 mpbs connection would. I turn wifi off and use my 4g phone network and everything's great but as soon as I turn wifi on it slows down and I know for sure my Vodafone 4G isn't close to 25 mpbs

3. Weirdly, download speeds are ok as long as I'm downloading multiple files at a time. If I have 3-4 files downloading simulatenously I get total speeds of 2.7-3 mbps but if I have a single file downloading, I get a max of 2 mbps, and average of about 1.5. Two things worry me here. One is why I don't get full speeds on a single download and the other is that if speeds go up to 3 mpbs then what is the reason for streaming on wired and streaming + other media on wifi so slow?

4. SpeedTest shows 23-25 mbps download and 18-22 mbps upload at all times but everything else from pingtest to to shows vastly slower speeds. I've read that Speedtest is an indicator of total bandwidth and possible max internet speeds and not actual, is that true? My ISP asks me to use speedtest as it's claim to no issues from their side. Could they be throttling?

5. I've reset routers, flushed DNS, tried Google DNS, host of other things but nothing seems to work. Connecting the broadband directly to the desktop shows little improvement but not much and that doesn't help anyway since I need wi-fi for all the other devices, the main reason I upgraded to 25 mbps

6. If it makes any difference, I have a Netgear extender that extends the signal in the bedroom. Not sure if that could be a factor. Both router and extender are N300 and run 2.4 GHz only. Could an N600 router make a difference by me using certain devices on the 5 GHz band? The only issue here is that wired video streaming is a problem so need to solve that first

I've rambled, but am happy to try anything and even invovle the ISP if needed based on suggestions and thoughts. Any help as mentioned, appreciated

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    Many ISPs provides shared connection through Cable internet to maximum utilisation of their resources & bandwidth. When number of users increases the speed of connection get down. You need a dedicated and high speed connection. There are also losses due to copper or coaxial cable. I suggest you to choose BSNL Fiber internet connection as its the fastest broadband connection in India. Optical fiber cable is extended upto your home from their exchange. Losses are minimum and speed is very high. However they are available only in Big & medium cities.
    Here is the list of Fiber internet plans.
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