PC turns off during boot JUST ONCE

I bought a new PC a few weeks ago. It was fine in the first few weeks, then one day, when I turned it on, it automatically turned off after a few seconds. The weird thing is when I turned it on again, it was okay.

So this cycle has been going on for the last few days and it's always like this: The first time I start my PC, it turns off. The second time it always boots normally and stays on.

I read lots of problems in which the PC turns off during boot, but none of them mentioned having this problem only once during each startup session. By that I mean if I shut down my PC, then come back after 10 minutes and power it on, it works OK. But if I come back after 2 hours, the first time it shuts itself down.
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  1. Hello... If you un-plug the power supply from the wall for ~3 mins ... and re-Boot... does the problem re-peat? B /
  2. I'm surprised to see this, but no. I unplugged the PS and it didn't turn off this time!
  3. Hello... Sometimes the MB's and the USB Chips still have Voltage on them... And it is best practice is to remove the Power from the Power supply, and clear the information on them for a "good" Next Boot.
  4. Thanks for your help. But isn't there a permanent solution to this? Cause I personally never had this problem. So I was guessing something's wrong with my new PC...
  5. Hello.. Use a power strip, for easy access to remove power from the PS, before boots, is what do. B )
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    Thank you very much for your help @Ironsounds, but I tried them all and got no result.
    What actually solved my problem was that I started to change my hardwares piece after piece.
    I noticed that after I removed my SSD, my PC booted OK.
    So I formatted it and installed win 10 again.
    I was surprised to see that it booted well again.
    So I tried installing my softwares again and narrowed the problem down to Alcohol %120.
    When I installed it, that caused my annoying problem.
    I should mention that I have Alcohol installed on two PCs running win 7 and it works fine.
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