Samsung 850 EVO performance - very low IOPS

I bought anew Acer Es1-521 laptop to use as my backup PC.
it has AMD A-6210 quadcore processor and 12GB RAM (4GB + 8GB).
Moved the 1 TB hard disk in to DVD drive bay and added a new Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD instead. Startup is fast , but I feel some slight lags while switching tabs and opening apps.

I have attached the benchmark and other screen shots here.
SATA 3 6 Gbps with AHCI is on
Tried in high performance and balanced power modes.
Tests were ran in plugged in mode.
Windows 10 was updated a few hours ago.
Latest drivers are installed. (AMD drivers were not installed at first, I had to download it from AMD site and install it manually.) Before installing AMD SATA drivers , the IOPS were less than 20000.

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    I doubt those lags are due to the SSD performance.

    You could try enabling RAPID mode, though I doubt that will help. (note the BENCHMARK results will not be accurate since it now buffers data into the system memory).
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  2. I also have the same SSD (850 Evo 250gb) and I encountered both low IOPS scores and high (97000/88000) IOPS scores on my system

    low IOPS score happens when App Center (set of utilities from Gigabyte motherboard "Easy Tune" and "SIV") is running in the background.

    Luckily out of an unfortunate event after I update the MB BIOS it make the App Center out of date and unable to run.

    That is when the high IOPS scores happens.

    So, the 850 Evo really does the 97000/88000 IOPS without RAPID it was just being used, while with RAPID enabled it goes unreasonably high scores...
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