My pc won't turn on. Please help!

My pc has worked for years. But two days ago it stopped turning on. When I click the power button the fans run for a split second and shut off. I took out the mother board and placed it on cardboard, to check if the case is shorting it out but that didn't work, I took off everything except the ram, CPU and CPU fan. It still just starts up for a split second. I cleared the cmos. I reset the ram and tried one at a time. I also reseated the CPU. I tried a different psu bad the same happens, please help!
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  1. Do the paperclip test on the PSU:
  2. I tried this and the Psu did spin
  3. The entire time?
  4. Yes, it didn't stop spinning until I turned it off
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    Try to remove your memorys, and turn on your pc without memorys, if you hear long beeps your motherboard is ok, if not you need new motherboard....
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