Running a GTX 1070 on a AMD 8320? Mild gaming PC

OK here is my issue.

I want a top of the line video card for once and I'm willing to plunk down the $430 for the 1070 so I can have a great video card and not have to worry about about a video card for the next 3 years at least.

My problem is, I have a AMD 8320 as my main cpu, is a good cpu for gaming for what I paid, its brought me countless hours of ultra level graphics on most games but as of right now, it is starting to show its age. Now, that being said, I have every intention to upgrade later in the year to an Intel and put together a better pure gaming rig for 4k. Not yet though.

Now my question.

Honestly, I want a GTX 1070. Yes it will probably be cheaper later but I want one now, right now I feel like a child and I want one. But if I buy one can I use it right now with my 8320? I have no intention to do state of the art gaming with it, I just want to play my standards like World of Warcraft and Skyrim, mostly rpg's from the past couple years. I'm not going to try to push the limits with the 8320 because I have read the 1070 will choke it, a tech support guy from Newegg told me to not waste the money and wait for a 480x but I really want to try Nvidia.

But, I don't want to but this $400 dollar video card only to have it choke games because my cpu isn't up to snuff and have it sit until November so I can get a deal on new components.

My current video card is a R9 270x, and its a match made in heaven for the 8320, I really just want to know if I can get the newer shiny and still use it to play my games in a standard resolution without choking the cpu.

What do you all think?
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    it should be fine. there are better cpu's for sure, but it will still let you enjoy your games. it may hold back the card a little bit but not to "choking levels" a lot of that is fan bias toward intel. just because ti is not the best cpu, does not mean it is worthless to use.

    look up some benchmarks with that cpu and 980ti or titan x. a 1070 is the same performance. you can see how those cards performed and decided if it is worth the cost to you

    here is fallout 4 with a 980ti and a bunch of cpu's

    as you can see, the fx is not that great, but it is still very playable.
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