How to get to BIOS on Dell XPS 8500 to inc speed

Supposedly I get to BIOS by tapping F2 when Dell logo appears. However it doesn't and when I tap it otherwise, the HD apparently stops installing. I'm stuck at 900 vs 1600 on the 2 new 8gb sticks, original 2 4gb are at 1600. Thanks.
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    However they do still work. Just start tapping the key as soon as you power on. If you wait for the Dell logo you most likely will be too late. That's how it works for me.

    so maybe start tapping as soon as you turn it on ???

    this looks interesting about the monitor and hdmi ??

    maybe this as well??

    ''Thanks for all the help I removed the battery and a prompt to enter bios by pressing F2 appeared I pressed F2 only to find it did not work so I switched keyboards and got right in.For some reason my keyboard did not turn on right away at startup just glad I finally got it fixed.Thank You everyone for your help.''
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