How do I transfer data from an SSD to an HDD?

So I recently built a gaming PC and put it together and everything except for the HDD which had not come in yet. I installed my OS and drivers onto the SSD that I put into the PC as well as a bunch of small programs and software for my peripherals an stuff. Now that the HDD has come in and has been installed, I was wondering how to transfer those drivers and programs from the SSD to the HDD in order to free up space on the SSD for more important programs and data. It is also noteworthy that most of these programs are based on cloud storage and do not have data that can be lost if they are deleted off of the SSD. However it would be nice if I could just transfer the programs rather than going online and redownloading them.
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    Hey there.

    About the drivers - they are supposed to go on you OS drive anyway, plus you won't have up a lot of space even if you could install them anyway so they'll be staying where they are.
    As for the programs you are referring to, the best case scenario would be to uninstall them from the C: drive and install them from scratch on the HDD. You could try to move them, but some of them might not work afterwards or might have other issues, plus you'll have to set the shortcut's destination to the new one. Basically you could try just moving them, but my advice is to install them again.

    Hope that helps.
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