GTX 650 ti BOOST 1097mhz? core issue!!!??

hi guys my gtx 650 ti boost core clock speed have increased from 980mhz to 1097.4mhz (highest) since i install lastest driver (368.39) i think it is not normal because the specifications says that boost core clock is 1033mhz i have never seen that before someone know something?

i played skyrim for 1 hour and all seems stable but its so weard

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    I wouldn't worry about it. GPU boost works that way if you have more thermal headroom.
  2. sorry for my question but what is thermal headroom? do you talking about pci express? im so worried its the first time that the gpu "overclock by herself" in 3 years! so i put core clock -49 with evga precision to avoid damage.

    in GPU Z say that 1033 Mhz (991 with evga precision underclock) is the boost core clock but when i start the stress test core clock increase to 1097 Mhz (1045 with evga precision underclock) sure thats normal?
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