Power supply fan replacement

The problem is that I have a 3 pin fan and my power supply fan connection is only 2 pin. Is there a way to connect it with an adapter or would that not work?

Also the fan that I have is rated at 1500 rpm and the psu fan is rated at 1800 rpm, is that ok?

This is the power supply ->
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    pinout for a 3 pin connector

    if you able to line up the right two pins (the power and the ground) it will work. the third pin is just to report fan speed so its not needed.

    fan speed doesnt mater as it does not actually say how much air it is moving. so its hard to say if its ok in that reguard.
  2. Thanks, I ended up pulling the wires out of the 3 pin connection and wiring them up to a 2 pin connection that fit perfectly.
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