Looking for help for first ever PC build. (gaming)

I've always been a console gamer, and have never built a PC.
I've read tons, and watched hours of videos.
I have compiled a parts list, and just need to know from people more knowledgeable than I, if there might be any issues or problems with compatibility.
Any help appreciated.
Purpose of the build is for gaming, and more specifically VR once it has been out for a while longer.
Parts list:
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  1. Anyone?
  2. i see no compatibilty issues there. choosing to watercool is a little brave for first build but go for it.
  3. I am worried about leakage, as this is my 1st build and quite a bit of money, but all of the air coolers are huge and obscene. Do you think I should reconsider the watercooling?
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    i dont know a whole lot about it, so i cant speak from a point of experience. you should definitely do it if you are willing to do the research on how to do it right and if you want to overclock in the future. but i know how you feel about the size of the air coolers but that's just the way it goes they're like that for a reason, and you wont see it unless you have a window.
  5. That is a great build.
  6. Nice Build, i don't think you should worry about leakage, corsair have a very good quality control on this closed water cooling systems, you should be fine.
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