AMD A8 7600 Strange Temperature Readings

Hi guys, I'm using an AMD A8 7600 APU with an ASUS A88X-PLUS motherboard, and I'm getting strange temerature readings:in Aida64 it looks like they're fine, but in HWinfo and HWmonitor, I'm getting another CPU temp., which is very high.Are my temp. readings normal, should I ignore the 2 HW-programs' readings, or what should I do?Please notice that I'm not using the stock cooler, but with that, these temperatures were almost the same.The thermal paste was pre-applied, so it can't be the problem.Here are my readings:
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    Do not worry, that is a common issue with the last generations of AMD CPUs, and its one of the reasons why ASUS has integrated their own sensors in their motherboards, most softwares can't understand their values and give wrong readings.

    Accurate values can be readed with AMD Overdrive, but these are given in °C to thermal limit so they would decrease as the chip gets hotter and closer to the thermal throttling limit.

    I personally use Speedfan, it works for my Vishera, but I'm not sure about your chip.
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