DIfferent CPU and Water Pump Pin Layout - Z170 ASUS ROG HERO / Ranger boards?

Hi Everyone

Seeking clarity on the CPU and Water Pump pin layout of the ASUS ROG Hero and Ranger VIII Z170 boards.

Currently have my Corsair H110 AIO cooler pump (3 pin) plugged into the CPU header. Would like to move this to connect to the dedicated pump header and run the two coolers' fans off the CPU and CPU Opt.

Referring to the manual as a check and I saw the earth and power pin layouts between the CPU and Pump headers are documented in different positions! What the?

After a ton of searching on Google I cannot find anywhere to confirm if this is a very bad typo in the manual or if there is a physical electrical difference in changing the layout?

Many post say you can put the pump it on the pump header (just a constant 12V, full speed which is desirable), but others also only use the CPU header.

Can anyone confirm the above or their setup? I have no idea what would happen if the pin layout is indeed reversed and I connect it.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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    In case it helps anyone, I went on a mission and I confirmed the ASUS manual is wrong. I checked for continuity using a multi-meter and indeed the physical pin layout of the W_Pump pin header is the same for any of the fan headers. I placed my H110 3 pin pump wire to W_pump header and my cooler fans to CPU and OPT headers. In both Bios and HWINFO pump rpm can be seen. If you can, prior to making the swap of plug locations, first enter the bios and under the "monitor" table enable the water pump monitoring function. This by default is disabled. This also allows you to set or modify the speed of the pump based on load, however it is recommended to keep this at 100% (about 1500rpm for a H110) at all times. I do not believe there is a alarm in the event of a pump failure, unlike that what occurs with the CPU header, which is why some people prefer to use that for pumps. However a easy workaround to this is to use HWINFO to run a action to shutdown in event pump speed falls below a certain level. Refer to the HWINFO forum for more info on this.

    I trust this helps people out
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