internet thru wifi is slow, but plugged directly into router it is fast... why?

If we plug our laptop directly into the router our internet is lightening fast, but if we use the wifi it is snail slow. IT virtually stops if we have two users at the same time.
I have heard that there could be a conflict with WPA/WPA2 and windows and that can cause slow speeds, but I don't understand that.

My next step is to do speed tests in different areas of our home. I know the wifi is snail slow on the 2nd floor, but I need to see if it is faster on the first floor near the router. I will get back to you after doing WiFi speed tests on both floors to see if distance or structure makes a difference.

Meanwhile if someone has any other ideas please let me know.
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  1. Absolutely distance matters...
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    the wi-fi is always slower then direct connection also could a loot of thing that interfer with signal like another user around another network on the same channel near you stone wall and others and distance from the router to the receiver use could use power line adaptor to get better signal something like this some have wireless .
  3. May need to upgrade your router/wireless adapter(s).
  4. Wi-fi is like cell phone signal, if the power lines are gone and far away, you'll slowly lose your signal.
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