Is the Nvidea GTX 1070, Asus Maximus VIII Hero and Intel i7 6700K worth buying with 32 GB Gskill DDR4 Ram with Cooler Master V

Is the Nvidea GTX 1070
Asus Maximus VIII Hero
Intel i7 6700K worth buying with
32 GB Gskill FSB 3000 DDR4 Ram
Cooler Master Gold V850 Watts
Cooler Master Nepton 240mm Radiator
Samung SSD 850 EVO NAND
worth buying ? how much would it cost ?
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    Which usage? its a Prebuild? Used? Resolution? How much $?
  2. I'm planning to buy a New Build ? Any Idea how much will it cost and is it worth buying it all Z170 Platform Skylake Build
  3. It will be expensive (i can't do the math since i'm not from EE UU), but again, depends which usage, if its for gaming, you can change several items.
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