3440x1440p max settings, 2x msaa not below 60 fps in most gpu heavy games (gtx 1070 g1 gaming or gtx 1080 g1 gaming)


I have decided to upgrade my graphics card and processor for ultrawide 1440p gaming. My processor will either be a skylake i7 or i5, but the gpu is where I have the problem.

I play games like farcry 4, primal, will be playing battlefield one, battlefront, Arma 3 I spend a lot of time playing, the division, and some witcher 3.

I was looking at benchmarks on youtube for 3440x1440 with a single 1070, and some stay above or at 60fps and other people's benchmarks stay at the 50 fps range. The 1080 is another story however. High 60s to even 80s (expected for a $600 gpu)

But my main question is if I would be happy spending the extra $200 on a 1080 hitting that sweet high 60 fps on max settings 3440x1440p, or will a 1070 overclocked be sufficient?
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  1. If you are on 2560x1440, a GTX1070 is already ok.

    If you are on 3440x1440, GTX1080 is the better choice.
    Yes, you can still use GTX1070 with either OC or turned down settings.
  2. Thank you for responding. I am running at 3440x1440p and will be overclocking the cards (1070 and 1080) if I get either one. So you are saying that a 1080 will be more sufficient for 3440x1440p?

    Also what about an i76700k vs i56600k. Will there be a difference in cpu intensive games between the two?
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    For 3440x1440, yes, GTX1080 is the better choice, if you wanna max everything.

    For gaming only machine, i5 6600k is already good. i7 6770k fo rgaming only machine is a kind of money wasting.
    i7 6700k is however optimal, if you are doing more things than only gaming e.g. gaming and streaming at the same time, video editing, etc.
  4. i5-6600K/GTX 1080 would be a good choice for 3440x1440P. I would only get the i7 if (1) you get it for a good deal (2) you also do video editing or streaming which would utilize the additional threads.
  5. Thank you guys for the feedback. Ill probably go with the i5 and just overclock it
  6. But for arma 3 will it be a waste to go with the 1080 or should I spend money on the i7?
  7. *3440x1440p
  8. jayztwocentsmannn said:
    But for arma 3 will it be a waste to go with the 1080 or should I spend money on the i7?

    for arma the i5 is fine, you need to overclock it though

    it only uses 2 cores, you need as much speed as you can get

    adding more cores with an i7 would do nothing
  9. Ok thanks
  10. The thing is, most games prefer faster cores/threads over more cores/threads.
    Only very few can gain advantage from having more threads but the again, you can simply OC to try to catch up.
    i7 is not worth it for a pure gaming rig.
  11. Buy a gtx 1080, i would also suggest i7 to give you more headroom for the future. Who knows? Maybe you want to start streaming/making videos later. Also the difference between the i5 and i7 is not huge...
  12. The difference between i5 6600k and i7 6700k is only about USD100-150.
    If this extra does not hurt you, I do not why not get the i7.
    Perhaps you would wanna do other stuffs too.
  13. Yeah I am starting to get into light CADDing for robotics now so maybe an i7 will help. But most of the time I'm just gaming. There are no true benchmarks for 3440x1440p yet though; I was thinking that a 1070 overclocked will perform well at that resolution maxed, but In the videos I watched the 1070 is at 99% load and at 2000 mhz and idk if it will decrease the life of the card.
  14. Idk if a 1080 is overkill though at that resolution, or if a 1070 overclocked (factory OC) is the better option money wise. But if I get the 1070, I'm probably going to go with an i7, and if I go with a 1080, I'm going with the i5 because the cost would be too much for an i7 at that point (cost for performance gain only marginal)

    But the i5 vs i7 in games would only be a marginal difference, while a 1080 vs a 1070 would be greater for games. I'm still having a hard time
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