Few questions about my HP computer.

Hi all, I recently received a HP Compaq 8200 Elite convertible mini Tower. I'm wanting to upgrade the PSU, but there is no 24 pin ATX header on the motherboard, only a single six pin. Will a regular PSU work with this? Will I need to jump the 24-pin on the new PSU?

Also what wattage PSU will I need for a GTX 770 and an i7 2600?
Many thanks :)
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  2. So the motherboard header isn't a standard 8 pin? Also couldn't I just McGuyver something up and buy another power supply? Like have a standard one, jump it and have it solely power the graphics card?
  3. If you took the side cover off, then I presume that you already realized that the motherboard and PSU are not standard. You can add another standard PSU, but you'll most likely have to install it outside of the case and come up with a power on solution or power it up manually. If you're familiar with wiring it isn't that challenging, but personally I'd find an add-on PSU that can be installed in a CDROM bay. Updating such a business PC to use it as a gaming PC requires knowledge and creativity.
  4. I'm probably just going to buy an adapter called Add2psu. It's an ATX jumper with a molex connector so both PSUs turn on at the same time. Also mounting another PSU outside isn't an issue.
  5. Remember that you'll have to route the PCI Express cables back to the inside; make sure they are well protected to avoid being damaged.
  6. That's no worry, I might jut take out one of the 5.25" bay covers.
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