Old Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 HDD failed; Trying to recover the data

When I was building my current system I made the mistake of letting two HDD drives get too close and they wound up magnetizing to each other. :( After I separated them, the other HDD was completely fine; however the old Maxtor didn't even spin up.

I bought an external IDE enclosure for the Maxtor and after powering the enclosure the drive still wouldn't spin. I bought a replacement PCB and swapped it and it still wouldn't spin. I read that my particular Rosewill enclosure wasn't reliable though; I might need to buy a different one and test it.

I also tried the "freezer trick". No luck.

Is there anything else I should try before I spend hundreds of dollars on a data recovery company?

Thanks in advance for your help/suggestions :D
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  1. Anyone? :)
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    Hey there, @fatald!

    Unfortunately, I'm afraid you have exhausted all your DIY data recovery attempts and you might actually have made it harder for the data recovery services to retrieve the files. :( Tampering with the HDD physically might have done even more damage, which would definitely be costly. The freezer trick is something that MIGHT work on a certain kind of hardware damage, but definitely, not in all cases of HDD corruption. :(
    Your best bet would be a professional assistance.

    I hope those guys help you! Keeping my fingers crossed for your data!
    Best of luck!
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