Power problem with HDD and SSD. HDD suddenly slow down.


About month ago I changed my mobo, memory and cpu. PSU (SilentiumPC Deus M1 550W) and storage (HDD WD Green 1TB and SSD Crucial MX200). Both disks are connected to PSU with one cable. Because disks are close together, power cable is bent (close to 90 degrees with disk power socket).

When I first started computer it turned out that it didn't see both disks. Only optical drive was found. The solution to this is to move power cables a little, reset computer and check if uefi detects them. Sometimes only SSD was detected, sometimes only HDD and sometimes both. I tried with other SATA cables to ensure that this is power problem. Finally I found arrangement for cables and I close my case.

Three weeks later problem returns. HDD suddenly was unplugged so Windows can't see it. Probably I move case a little and it move cables. So I rearrange them as before.

Today appeared another more serious problem. HDD suddenly slowed down. I saw it makes a lot of writes so I closed potential apps which can cause such situation. But problem didn't disappear. I decided tp restart computer. And since that time windows doesn't want to start. It still loading, hdd led still is red. I unplugged hdd to chceck if system will start without it. There was no problem. Only with hdd plugged windows loads and loads. In meantime I was fighting again with power problem.

Currently I was able to run pc using livecd ubuntu. I have also access to both discs so I'm makeing backup of all necessary data. Hard drive works now quite good (2,1MB per sec when copying to pendrive). But when I started backup it was slower (it checks 400MB catalog for files in few minutes and then it started to copy them.

So my question is - whats goin on? Is this problem with cable, PSU, HDD or all of them? I'm not sure what to do and I'm not prepared to change both PSU and HDD. I want also check HDD for some errors but I doesn't have internet connection in ubuntu livecd.
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    Without knowing your full system's specs, it's highly possible that everything in your system is messed up but that is the worst case scenario. Can you please pass on your full system's specs inclusive of your OS and connected peripherals? In the mean time, have you made sure your BIOS is up to date while the SSD is connected to your first SATA port that is native to your chipset? If you were on Windows 10, then it's possible that there was a Memory Leak on your system which can come about from a corruption in your OS's files.
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