Looking to build a new gaming PC (~700GBP) - which graphics card?

UPDATE: I've found that the i5-6500 is essentially just 20GBP or so more expensive than the i5-6400, so I've updated my parts:
The GFX card is still listed as GTX 960 for now, as a sort of placeholder.

My current build looks like this:
That is, my the initial GFX card I was thinking of was a GTX 960. However, with the GTX 1060 and AMD Radeon RX 480 being announced - I was wondering if it is worth getting either one of these two instead?

My friend has said the RX 480 will likely have better driver support than the GTX 1060, especially a couple of years down the line.

Which of the three would you guys recommend? I'm looking to play games like FFXIV (and all the other existing and future FF titles/ports), Evolve, Overwatch, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Dota 2, etc. Essentially, I'd like to be able to run current games at ( or even close to) max settings, and at least be able to have high graphical quality, and consistent frame-rate gameplay with new games released a couple of years down the line too. Longevity is kinda key, as long as I can hold consistent framerate. I don't want to have to replace my gfx card in a year or something.

As in the title, my budget for my PC is about 700GBP. I can't really go too far above that, in fact, having a cheaper build that's more like 650GBP would be great. For reference (if it helps), I currently game on my Lenovo Y580 which has a GTX 660M. Gaming isn't too bad on it, I can get stable framerate for the most part, but often have to resort to going on Low settings these days (e.g. in Overwatch).

Thanks in advance!
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    That is a good build, I see nothing that needs to be changed. It will give you good performance for a few years, especially if you decide to go with the NVidia GTX 1060, assuming its 15% faster then the AMD RX 480 as NVidia claims it is.

    The GTX 1060 will come out July 19th, just two days from now so I would definitely hold off until then and read the benchmarks and related articles about it.
  2. Hi Ashim8813,

    Avoid going with the gtx Nvidia gtx 960. The newer cards are much more efficient, so either Nvidia gtx 1060 or AMD rx 480. Both of those cards will play those games at high settings. As of now the gtx 1060 is expected to cost $249 and rumored to have similar performance to the rx 480. The reason I would go with the rx 480 because of the higher video ram 8gb vs the gtx 1060 6gb . This is going to help if you upgrade to a higher resolution or do virtual reality. Before you make the pull wait for the official gtx 1060 reviews. The prices may also drop with the added competition. Best of luck!
  3. I made a big mistake by buying a 390x msi gaming card that cost about 500 dollars and then realising the hdmi was only 1.4 and now I have a new tv I want to plug the card into that is 4k my card us not good enough and needs upgrading so Id go for a card that has a 2.0 hdmi socket then at least it will be future proof. im looking into buying myself a 1080 geforce or even a 1080ti if its released soon, i think they are the only cards Im currently looking at or the RX 480 could be a worthy choice
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