Could someone help me troubleshoot my slower than expected rig?

It has i7-3770k, Gigabyte H61M-DS2 (rev 2.0), Gigabyte GTX780, 8G DDR3 (Stronium STR8G86U0-H9M), 4G DDR3 (STR4G86U1-H9H), StrikeX 800w PSU, HyperX Fury 240G SSD, 2TB green drive, BD-RW, Wireless PCI-e card, Intel CPU cooler.

Using passmark I'm seeing about 75% lower than expected performance on the major components including the Ram, CPU, graphics and SSD benchmarks. Also auto detect settings for games are way too optimistic for the rig.

I've downloaded all new drivers and bios from gigabtye and nvidia, and performed all updates for Win10 x64. It is set to ACHI. I have AVG free, spybot, office 365, super antispyware, etc etc loaded and I use task manager to kill as many processes as I can before running the benchmark with near 0% cpu utilisation visable.

I bought it as is so I didn't choose the mobo. Happy to provide more info if you need. Also happy to do a specific benchmark if requested.
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    You are running too many anti-virus products, you need one. Running more than one all the time is no good. If you just have them but they are not active all the time, that is fine.

    Is this on a clean setup of Windows 10 or an upgrade from another OS. You should also test thing on just the single 8 GB stick, you are running mixed RAM which can slow things down. Make sure no programs are running off the WD Green drive, that drive model is designed for storage and low power not really for running programs from.
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