Weird PSU noise (Cooler Master B600 ver.2)

I recently bought new power supply (Cooler Master B600 ver.2). Pretty much the first day after installation it started doing weird noise. It happens every day and lasts for various amounts of time (sometimes for couple of minutes, sometimes for couple of hours). The noise is not so loud, i can't even hear it with headphones on but it's definetly noticeable whitout headphones. Am I overreacting or should I do something about it?
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    It sounds like a cable is brushing against the fan inside the PSU shroud. Make sure that no cables are pushing up into it. I would suggest you contact your seller and keep them in the loop about it. It'd also help us gauge if your overloading the PSU by learning of your full system's specs. Might I ask what you upgraded from?
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