New with gaming PCs , looking to upgrade NVIDIA GeForce GT 610. (budget of 100$)

I'm new with gaming computers and such, and i realized my graphics card isn't great at all, so i have been looking around for a better one and not sure if i'm able to upgrade or not. I can barely run csgo unless I lower the resolution and I would like to be able to run fairly new games on at most medium settings.

Asking if anyone can tell me if a EVGA Geforce GTX 750 TI is worth buying/ and or better than my extremely bad NVIDIA GeForce GT 610, and if im able to use it with my pc specs (in screenshots) .

Also if anyone could tell me what is worth upgrading in my pc (100$ budget), it would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks :)

PC Specs in these screenshots :

Update : Just checked, my PSU is 450
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  1. epdvoskin said:
    If you can go a bit over budget than this card is a big step up from the 750 ti

    Link to GTX 950:

    Thanks for answering, and I might be able to spend a bit more, but will it work with my setup?
  2. All Graphics cards are compatible as long as you have enough room in your computer case
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