Random Blue screen after RAM install.

So like an idiot that doesn't know what he is doing, I installed some RAM a friend gave me to boost my Windows 7 Premium desktop from two 4GB sticks to fours giving it 16 total. I was unaware at the time that adding mismatched RAM at various speeds was a thing. Needless to say it worked fine at first, but then I started to get blue screens and issues with start up. I removed the new RAM taking it back to the two original sticks, but random blue screens are still occurring. I have run a memory check as some places suggested and nothing was found, I'm not sure at this point what might cause that.
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    cud be the mismatch has corrupted the clock speeds...
    lets try this...take out all the ram sticks...then take out the cmos battery for 15-30mins to drain it...then reset the jumper pins...then assemble everything back and see if it works...
  2. Download blue screen reader. It will read the the dump file and give you a general idea of why it happened :)
  3. That always happens on Windows . You should format your computer after installing RAM .
  4. Eve Chen said:
    That always happens on Windows . You should format your computer after installing RAM .


    That is dum, no you do not need to format your pc after installing RAM.

    The person installs it then when the pc is booted up it recognizes the new memory then windows assigns the memory.
  5. It seems after a few days or so it's managed to clear itself up. I did go into the BIOS to see if I could reset but ended up not making any changes that I am aware of. If problem reoccurs I'll let you know, thank you for the help.
  6. thats kool...anytime mate...cheers...
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