Someone check these temps for me?

Recently i have been testing my i5 6600k due to me noticing temps of up to 97C when cooled via a cooler master nepton 240m. The first test was the other day, OC to 4.6ghz my cpu reached around 97 under load from prime 95. Given my room was very hot on that day. Today i test again at 4.6ghz and i get a max of:

Then i lower my clock to see if this would change it:

It did seem to change it by quite a bit, now i have max temps of around 78 degrees, but my question is how are people able to get 4.6 with temps of 75 under load on air coolers and my nepton goes really high?

Thanks, Rob

Add on:
would it be worth a cooler upgrade to a kraken x61/ switch to air cooling?
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    it seems that you are using a later version than 26.6v of P95 which is NOT recommended... download version 26.6 and test again. any later than that uses AVX which cause around 110% workload which will raise the temps so high. what you want to do is test using 26.6 again using Small FTT test and check your temps/stability you can download Verison 26.6 here:
    i would suggest reading Section 13 for more information. by CompuTronix
  2. Considering the ~28C ambient, those temps look consistent with the amount of OC you're doing. Try 8k FFT size in prime95 v26.6 for testing stability.
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