Need help building a PC for 3D game design and VR gaming

Hello community,
I am currently signing up for a games design course and very very passionate about gaming, i be been gaming since I was about 2 on the Nintendo n been hooked ever since now I want kickstart a career in creating games and obviously still want to play as well especially vr as its been my dream for many many years. I've been looking at Pc's and decided I want to build one and one that will last me a decent amount of time. Here's what I've come up with:

Tower Case- Corsair Graphite 760T

Motherboard- Intel x99 chipset ATX Overclockers Edition

Cpu- intel Broadwell-E i7-6800k 3.6GHz 6core

CPU Liquid Cooler- Corsair Hydro H110i GT

Ram- 16 Gb DDR4 quad ram

Graphics Card- Nividia GTX 1080 8Gb Overclockers Edition

Hard drives- 256Gb SATA3 SSD Pro Edition(main drive where I will have the OS install end or should I go with a M.2 SSD)
-2T SSD Hybrid HD

Power supply- 850W 80plus Gold modular

Wifi- wifi dual band AC Ultra- Fast PCI-E adapter(is this worth getting)

All this plus some extras(additional case fans, internal blue ray drive and other little things)will cost me about aud$4895 + aud$86 shipping to be assembled and sent to my address. Will this system enable me to study in interactive gaming and also will I be able to play Hi-End games in vr smoothly? Is this worth the money and will it last me at least 4 years? I hope someone helps me as I have never posted on the interñet before and pritty much a newbie to all of this.
Thanks for reading.
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    yes to both questions/.

    I would consider going with a larger SSD (480 GB or more) and a non-hybrid HDD.

    the machine you are suggesting is a VERY powerful build.
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