need advice..Best GPU i can have with this pre build CPU

i'm thinking of buying "ThinkCentre 2756-D7U Desktop Computer - Intel Core i5 i5-3550 3.30 GHz - Small Form Factor - Business Black " from amazon which cost only $195..

here is the link:

3rd gen i5 CPU is not that bad..

i'm planning to upgrade its power supply and GPU.
my concern is i think the casing is very small and i read some comments that only "low profile gpu" can fit with the casing.

can you give some advice with this 3 different scenarios.

1st: what is the best GPU i can use with this system
(without replacing the current power supply and still fit in the case)

2nd: if i ware to change the power supply and GPU which
power supply and GPU should i get?
(that will fit in the case)

3rd: or should i buy a new generic casing (normal size case) and just transfer its components.
and by that i will have no problem choosing GPU and power supply
can i do it?
(cause upon reading some comments the GPU limitation is just because it wont fit in the case so i was thinking if i just buy a new case and transfer the components and buy a 500watt rated PSU and r9 380x)

please need your advice in each scenarios and which do you think is the best one.

i will use the computer for basic purposes,streaming, play some emulators (ps1/ps2/3ds) and some game such as dota 2 or LoL

currently have a hp ddr2 pc so i think to 3rd gen i5 ddr3 is a good upgrade already..
first i plan to build a i5 6600k 16gb ddr4 and r9 380x gpu and it would cost me about $800-$850 and thats to OP for me..

and if i buy this lenovo for $199 and buy a mid end GPU it would only cost me around 300-350
cause GTX 750 ti is only about 100 so from $850 to $350 i think it is a great deal already...
i could use the extra $500 to buy gaming console if i want to play game such as ps4..

sorry for very long msg
thank you
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    First of all the case is too small that you cannot put a good graphics card in it.
    You cannot put any latest GPU in it Just because of the case also you cannot change the PSU because they have certain models/types of PSU's. However you can change the PSU only if you have another ThinkCentre with a higher PSU just take out its PSU and put in yours.
    No, Don't only buy a new case and transfer the components.

    My suggestion is,
    Try to buy all the components separately from internet or from your local market of computers.
    Buy a good case not new, Used one . Like old cooler master case are sold for 5$-20$ which are good enough for putting gtx 970 or higher card. Buy a PSU. For 750 a 400W PSU is enough with a better 12v rail AMPs.
    + If you just want to play lol and Dota 2 then i suggest buy a cheaper card try to find 9800gtx+ they are really cheap now-a-days but its a Dx 10 card , Try gtx 460 , 550ti . These all you can find in round about 50$.

    So the best for now for you is buy the components separately and build a system your self.
    Because the case of ThinkCentre is not for up gradations like GPU up-gradation or PSU
  2. i see .. well very much inform.. thank you every much!!
    it saves my money..
    i was temp to buy that because of its 3rd gen i5 but i think if i buy that if would cost me more..
    thank you
  3. geniuz chibi said:
    i see .. well very much inform.. thank you every much!!
    it saves my money..
    i was temp to buy that because of its 3rd gen i5 but i think if i buy that if would cost me more..
    thank you

    You can buy a good i5 2nd generation in your budget.

    1: i5 2400 2nd generation for around 80$ or as low as 75$
    2: Asus H61 Mobo Used in around 25$-30$
    3: 8gb ram 30$
    4: 500gb HDD used 25$
    5: 10$ for case
    6: Antec Power Supply - 520W High current gamer is enough to run 970 1060 . Costs 30$
    7: About card it depends on you how much you can spend.

    The above Specs will costs you - around 210$.
  4. @UmerFaisal

    how about this what do you think?

    it is a "Refurbished" dell optiplex i5 2400, 4gb ram, 250gb hhd and with windows 7...
    total cost would be around $190..

    pro i dont need to spend time to build or worry about defective parts, and it has windows 7 hahahah

    cons: as it is a pre build i expect it has cheap motherboard and power supply (around 280-300 watts only)

    would this be a good idea?
    $190 for the pc

    upon reading the motherboard is restricted to draw only 35 watts max from that x16 pci slot...
    my question is can i just buy a rated PSU 500-600w and buy a r9 380/x GPU?


    just buy a GTX 750 ti

    cause upon reading they say since it is a cheap motherboard, even i replace the rated PSU it wont run the r9 380 or 380x GPU
    the best thing i can have is a low-mid end GPU with has no external power needed..
    that is in my understanding not sure so i want to ask...


    i found some useful info about its board..
    it has
    1 PCI-e 16x connector (SLOT1)
    1 PCI-e 1x connector (SLOT2)
    1 PCI connector(SLOT3)
    1 PCI-e 4x connector(SLOT4)
  5. I would never ever suggest a Refurbished PC/anything. Because they are repaired ones.
    If you are feeling lazy and cannot build your self just go to the shop keeper and tell him the specs you want he will surely charge you some extra bucks say 20$ so my specs will costs you now 230$ .. but it will come with a custom/wide big case and a good powersupply and you just have to buy a 750ti.

    And you idea is not good try not to buy any Optiplex etc series.

    Just go to the shop once and tell him your specs maybe he have all the things and he will make you a new custom pc for you in 3-4 hours. or maybe in 1 hour ( If i do ) .

    +things you will get getting the Specs i told you.

    first of all you are able to change the power supply whenever you want to because of the case , The optiplex case does not support other gaming supplies like they don't fit in the case correctly.
    2nd in that case you can put any GPU in it , like 480 280x .. etc
    3rd it will be more powerful.

    :) i hope you understand.
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