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Let my describe the problem I am trying to solve: I have a primary desktop that I just upgraded from an old AMD processor to an new Intel processor, and I have already reinstalled Windows 7 on this new SSD. I am wanting to redownload and repair all of the games I had on the previous system, but the internet at my house is too slow (5Mb/s, or less), so I am wanting to use the my friends internet connection without having to move my massive case and risk damaging components in the process.

My initial solution was to simply move the Tower's OS SSD to my laptop, boot up the system, then install all of the games there. However, I know the OS will more than likely not work due to driver issues.

My question is: My laptop uses the Intel i7 4710MQ processor, my desktop an i7 4790k, so is it possible for me to download a second set of drivers specific for my laptop, along side the existing drivers used for my tower?

If something like that is not possible, would inserting the tower SSD into my laptop, running a repair with my OS installation disk, downloading the data I need, then reinstalling the tower SSD back into the desktop be another viable solution? Of course, the most straight forwards answer, is to stop whining, pick up the desktop and just take it over to my friends house!
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    1) It will cause driver bug problems
    2) You will have an invalidated OS on the desktop, which then will cause it to remain invalidated even on the laptop. You might be able to fix it on the laptop, but there's a risk that it will never work properly again.

    Basically, don't do it, just buy a new disk and do a proper install with a new OS key
  2. Microsoft, probably due licensing issues, don't want to allow you to do all that fancy stuff. Lug the PC over.
  3. Yeah, its a pain...Oh well, thanks guys!
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