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Let me first start by saying the computer I am using is quite old and was handed down by my brother. I needed to get a new power supply as well as new RAM. Everything was smooth sailing at first but eventually my PC started blue screening. It turns out that was an actual faulty RAM stick so I sent it in for warranty. Upon getting my new stick, same thing BSOD, Windows can't start etc. Only this time it gives me different errors. At first I got MEMORY_MANAGEMENT, flowed by: irql_not_less_or_equal. I read all of the forums pertaining these subjects and have actually gotten further behind following some of the recommendations. I increased the voltage slightly which only made it blue screen faster. If anybody has any input or thoughts they'd be much appreciated. I'm currently running a memory diagnostic tool with 6GB instead of the full 8. The result was the same. Back to memory management blue screen. Thoughts?

My PC:

Power supply: CORSAIR CX500

Motherboard: ASUS Crosshair III Formula

CPU: AMD of some sort 64-bit running Windows 7 home premium
**I am trying to contact my brother as to the exact CPU I will update it as I can.
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  1. 1| Download and run CPU-Z and paste a screen shot of your tabbed information for us to get a better understanding of your system. We don't support image hosting so you're going to have to upload pictures on imgur and paste the link here.

    2| Have you made sure your BIOS is up to date?

    3| Have you populated the rams on both the white slots or the blue slots? They should ideally be in the slots closest to the CPU socket, i.e, blue.

    4| I can't seem to view your link but this must your ram. If so then the maximum you should set to DDR3 spec'd ram is 1.65v but should be optimal at 1.5v. Remove your motherboards battery for at least 15 minutes before replacing and see if the issue is alleviated.

    5| Have you made sure your drivers are up to date inclusive of that on your GPU?

    6| I personally think the PSU is giving out and is causing lack of power to go through the motherboard.
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    Get the Free app CPU-Z and look at the CPU tab - it will tell you the CPU, then go to the SPD tab to get the memory part number - should be same on all four sticks (can see each individually), then look at the memory tab and see what the DRAM is running at, have a feeling your freq and timings are prob off (and maybe the voltages)
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