Asrock z77 Extreme4 HDMI port not working [Urgent Help Please]

Hi, I am upgrading from CRT monitor to Dell U2415 LED. Since i have never work with display ports. I have no idea why my asrock z77 extreme4 mobo HDMI port not working with Dell U2415.

Can you guys please tell me what could be the reason and what should i do now?
HDMI cable work fine with HD TV but not working with my mobo. When i plug HDMI cable to mobo and dell monitor. Its says no signal are coming from mobo.

Hardware specs :
I5 3570k
asrock z77 extreme4 (According to Asrock website this mobo support 1920x1200 60hz on HDMI)
16gb corsair vengeance ram
Dell U2415 1920x1200 60hz (16:10) monitor

After quick google search i found many people complaining about not working of hdmi port of asrock z77 extreme4. some of them have replaced their mobo but found same problem with new mobo so i think there is something else. May be some kind of software/driver issue.

Please help i want to use my new dell monitor :(
Help me to get rid of CRT monitor.
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  1. Do you have a graphics card installed or are you using onboard graphics?
  2. on board graphic, i do not have graphic card.
  3. Please someone help me, I have no idea why my mobo hdmi is not working with my dell u2415. On asrock official site they have mentioned that this mobo is able to support 1980x1200 resolution so it should work with my dell monitor. I have tried my friend system. who have gtx 780 by connecting with HDMI with my monitor and everything works fine. So there is something wrong with my mobo. Do i need to tweak any setting or any driver update? I have already update bios and selected onboard gpu in bios. But still its not working.
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    I just updated my onboard gpu driver (Intel HD4000) to latest and everything working fine now. Its detect my HDMI port :) I see many people with same board has asked this question in past and none of them has mentioned it. If anyone ever face this problem then just update your intel hd onboard gpu and it will solve your HDMI problem.
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