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hello guys hope ur having a good day, i am setting up a network and i have attached a rough picture of the topology, the purpose of this setup is files backup, i have setup a windows-server 2008 and the only role on this machine is file services, i have provisioned folders for different computers for them to save their backups in, these folders are in D:/ drive of this server machine which is 1TB, the network will be getting the DHCP from the wireless router to all the machines except the server, its ip address is static, my question is if the ip addresses of the client computers that are saving backups into the file server change will that interrupt in the backup process? for example if i setup a backup from a computer thats ip is and i setup the backup daily at 7pm, will the backup fail if the computers ip changes the next day to something else like ? i have considered other potential problems aswell like systems shutdown before the backup has started and things like that, can u guys please advice how u would proceed with a requirement like this? what changed would u make to make this process run smooth?
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    If you are concerned about that, then use DHCP reservations by MAC address on the router. That will act like a static IP but the client still does DHCP.
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