MSI Afterburner Cant unlock voltage control MSI GTX 1060

I have slelected the voltage controlling options but the slider will not move and displays no value for voltage. I have looked into various threads on this and found no help, anyone know a fix?
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  1. you can not set voltages on pascal cards.
    It only shows as % of allowed.
    Make sure you have the latest version of afterburner that supports pascal cards
  2. You mean that the value is at +0?
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    its locked so if the factory set is 1.380 v that's it you cant adjust it now with pascal I understand its all a offset if it would allow a adjustment [sliders not grayed out]

    pascal and NVidia gpu boost 3.0 has changed over the old ways from gpu boost 2.0

    may look up articles on boost 3.0

    ''Granted, there was currently no voltage control either… ''
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