Got rid of ISP's cable modem router combo, now my speeds are half of what I had!

I switched over to using a Motorola Surboard SB6141 modem and an Asus router both of which claim to give speeds of 300mbs but fail to make it over 100mbs when previously I was getting 250mbs. I'm on a wired connection to the router, but still have lackluster speeds. Are there any recommendable modem router combos that will allow me to utilize the internet speeds I'm paying for? Thanks in advance.
By the way I'm on Time Warner Cable if that matters!
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    The SB6141 supports 8x4 channels. If your cable ISP supports higher bandwidth within each channel, it can in fact go up to 343 Mbps.

    Most cable ISPs don't go that route however due to line quality issues. Instead they just give it more channels, which the SB6141 does not support. Here's the list of modems TWC supports and the speeds you'll get with them on their network.
  2. Try connecting your computer directly to the modem and do a speed test. That way you will know if it is the modem or something else slowing you down.
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